Opravy a prodej dechových hudebních nástroju Opravy a prodej dechových hudebních nástroju Opravy a prodej dechových hudebních nástrojů
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Wind instrument repairs

We have spent more than 30 years repairing wind instruments and we put the greatest emphasis on the quality of the repairs we do and on our customers' happiness. This is reflected in the fact that the majority of customers are coming on the recommendation of their fellow musicians or colleagues, for example from orchestras or music schools. 

We perform partial and smaller repairs of wind instruments but also complex overhauls. Smaller repairs include:

  • dent removal
  • body straightening
  • leadpipe replacement
  • replacement of damaged or corroded parts
  • valve repair
  • springs and padding replacement
  • felt bumper repairs
  • valve lapping
  • tone holes cleaning
  • water key cork replacement
  • removing stuck tuning slides
  • joint soldering
  • removing stuck mouthpieces
  • repairs without lacquering

Wind instrument overhauls

If your instrument requires close inspection and restoration to its original playing condition, our overhaul service is exactly what you need. Before every overhaul we carefully inspect the instrument in order to decide whether it is still repairable.

Overhauls include:

  • complete disassembly of the instrument
  • dent removal (within the bounds of possibility and the age of the instrument)
  • unsoldering the instrument
  • replacement of damaged parts
  • polishing
  • lacquering and silver-plating
  • valve compression check and repair
  • play-testing the instrument to check its full functionality

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