Opravy a prodej dechových hudebních nástroju Opravy a prodej dechových hudebních nástroju Opravy a prodej dechových hudebních nástrojů
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Testimonials and our customers' experience

ZUS Litvinov

ZUŠ Litvínov

The art and music school in Litvínov has a long-time excellent experience with Petr Němeček and his company in the matter of partial repairs but also general overhauls of brass and woodwind instruments. After an overhaul, old brass instruments are as good as new. We were happy with the repairs of F and B tubas, horns, trumpets, and trombones; and as a clarinettist I really appreciate the clarinet and saxophone service. Since 1995 our school has used Mr Němeček's oboe, bassoon, and transverse flute services which were all done in a perfect manner and at reasonable prices.

Bc. Jaroslav Sochor - director ZUS Litvínov

Teplice Conservatory

Konzervatoř v Teplicích

I have been working with Mr Němeček and his company for over 15 years. I appreciate their absolute professionalism and helpfulness while dealing with all the complex requirements connected with the repairs or maintenance of my instruments. They solve everything in a helpful and friendly manner and I must appreciate the quality of their work as well. The instruments really look as if they were just made. I will trust Mr Němeček's skills absolutely in my further professional musical life, too, and I am grateful for this possibility to use again some of the instruments considered lost.

Mgr. Jakub Hejk - a musician and a teacher at the Conservatory in Teplice

ZUS Hranice

zuš hraniceI have been working with Petr Němeček for 15 years. During the past few years I have been thinking about what a CRAFT really is. I remember times when craftsmen used to think about the things they were going to do and about the quality of their work. Mr Němeček is one of a few people representing what I'm talking about and whom I dare call a CRAFTSMAN.

Mojmír Chuda - director ZUS Hranice